Before you buy

You’re encouraged to go through the following items before buying a life policy via the online direct channel. Have you:

  • Used the  CPF Insurance Estimator to calculate the amount of life insurance coverage you would need?
  • Used the  Moneysense Budget Calculator to check if the premium that you will pay is affordable based on your current income and expenditure? 
  • Visited to compare the features and premiums of Direct Purchase Insurance (DPI) and other types of life policies?  
  • Considered the different types of DPI and life policies that are available, and whether the life policy that you intend to purchase is suitable for your financial circumstances and needs?


About this policy

  • This is a life policy and not a savings account or deposit.
  • This product has a Product Investment Risk classification of "N.A".
  • The plan cannot be used for CPF Board's Home Protection Scheme (HPS) insurance exemption.
  • You may not get back the premiums paid (partially or in full) if you terminate or surrender the policy early.
  • There is a 14-day free-look period.
  •  You can request our financial representatives or customer service to explain the product features.
  • You may wish to separately seek advice on the suitability of this policy.
  • If you choose not to seek advice on the suitability of this policy, you should consider if this policy is suitable for your financial circumstances and needs.
  • Take some time to read the  policy wording. We'll inform you once your policy document is ready.


"Best value" refers to highest coverage per dollar.
"Save 2.9%" refers to actual savings of 2.996% if you choose to pay a yearly premium instead of monthly premiums.